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Work In Progress

Hi! I’m Tracey and I started “Work In Progress” in 2020. I’m a mom of two big kids (17 and 20), have three blacks cats and a husband of 25 years and we all live together in a small Lake Ontario town. I love reading and never thought I’d say it, but I also love being active. I’ve worked in some sort of service career my entire life and love working with people. I’ve just changed the situation.

I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and have read all the books, done all the programs and even taken training to be a weight loss coach. It wasn’t until last year though that I finally put it all together. In the span of 10 months, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off! I can now crush cravings, avoid nighttime ‘foraging’ for food, and am no longer moody ALL. THE. TIME. (Although my husband would sometimes disagree!)

I’ve done all of this WHILE enjoying my favourite foods like chocolate, pizza and wine and haven’t needed to rely on willpower at all! Like one of my clients says “If we had willpower, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” One of my favourite parts of my program is that I don’t have to make two different meals for dinner. I eat what everyone else eats.

I have energy to spare even though I’m super active and I no longer nap daily (I know: it was a luxury I made time for). The foggy brain is (mostly 😊) gone and so is the bloat and the ‘ugh’ feeling I’d get after some meals.

I like playing with numbers and some of my fav are from the blood tests I had after I lost the weight. There are many health issues in my family and I like to know my numbers, so I have them done every few years. Even though my numbers were completely normal before I lost 50 pounds, I still reduced my LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) by 34% and raised my HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) by 36%. My triglycerides went down by 2/3 as well. My resting heart rate according to my Fitbit has also decreased by 20 beats per minute! 20!

One of my favourite activities is yoga. I love how it relaxes me while giving my muscles a workout. I especially like the meditation and find that every time after I’ve taken a yoga class, I’m much more productive.

Our lives take us on different paths and sometimes it’s not what we expected. And then it ends up turning out better than you could have imagined. I’m grateful for being overweight in the past and all of the surprises I’ve dealt with in the past year. It’s made me who I am.

And that’s someone who can help you if you’re looking to lose weight, end the cravings and the late night rummaging for snacks. Without relying on willpower to do it.

You can find me on Facebook at and Instagram at or email me at

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