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Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or extremely stressed, maybe it is time to slow down? The Gentle Way Of Hatha has yoga classes in Port Hope and Cobourg that focus on stress relief and relaxation. We also offer a variety of workshops that are focused on self-discovery (Meditation and Manifestation, A Journey Through… Continue reading Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope

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Creating Space

The cycles in my life always bring me back to this need to create space. Creative space. Breathing space. Personal space. As a mother who also works with kids and runs my own yoga business, there leaves little room for me. I spend most of my time and energy thinking about others, and how best… Continue reading Creating Space

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Passionate Living

3/10 Welcome back to our chakra journey!  Yesterday we covered the first chakra, the root. Today we cover the second chakra, the sacral.  This is my favorite energy center to work with.  It is an area of personal experience, and I strive to balance it daily. THE SACRAL CHAKRA This energy is a lovely glowing… Continue reading Passionate Living