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Yoga Teachers In Northumberland

Congratulations Ladies!
Congratulations Ladies!

Four more teachers graduated from ‘The Gentle Way Of Hatha’ yoga teacher training on Sunday, October 6th, 2013.

If you are looking for a gentle yoga class in the Northumberland area of Ontario, Canada, watch for these names in your town:

Joanne Cherry-Lauzon will be teaching classes in the Cold Springs area. Joanne brings a lightness and joy to her classes through her vibrant energy!

Alison Clarke will be teaching in the Colborne and Brighton areas. You may recognize this name if you are familiar with her natural health therapies she offers in Cobourg. Alison focuses on bringing her students into a deeper place of body awareness, and offers them a sanctuary like experience with her nurturing presence. She is also interested in offering private lessons to her clients and students.

Darla Hinds will be teaching in New Castle. Her classes focus on the most gentle and basic forms of yoga, offering students the opportunity to slow down and turn inwards for deep rejuvenation. Her sense of humor is a bonus!

Elizabeth Stapells will be teaching in the Port Hope area, and although she specializes in working with children (she runs the Montessori schools in Port Hope and Welcome), she integrates a wonderfully playful aspect to her yoga teaching with adults. If you need to re-connect with your inner child Elizabeth is the teacher for you!


Selfies After Grad!
Selfies After Grad!

Here are some words these teachers used to describe their experience of the training:

  • rewarding
  • intense
  • awesome journey
  • nurturing
  • inspirational
  • oasis of peace
  • self-discovery
  • confidence-building
  • sharing
  • safe

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