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Alison Clarke | Natural Health Therapist

Written by Jenni Burke

Alison Clarke, NHT

What does “Natural Health Therapist” mean?

A natural health therapist is not a naturopathic doctor. A natural health therapist, is a person who is certified in a variety of healing modalities that tune into the body’s natural abilities to rebalance itself. Alison Clarke has spent the last 20-plus years offering reflexology, aroma massage, reiki, craniosacral, and her own unique skills as an intuitive “wise woman” guiding people deeply through meditative “body talk” or body based inner guidance to help them declutter their minds and energetic fields.

The Healing Room

Over the years as Alison has continued to learn and grow in her modalities, her natural gifts as an intuitive began to blossom. She started becoming aware of “sound” or “music” around her clients, or she’d receive imagery or words to channel. At first she was hesitant to share the sounds or imagery she’d receive from people (or their guides/energy), but as she started to trust these experiences more and opened up conversations about it with her clients, it only confirmed her intuitions to be correct.

These days her sessions can be unexpected or spontaneous channelings of healing frequencies (singing or toning)… very similar to a “sound bath” but with her voice instead of singing bowls. There might be guided visualizations, that generally start with the physical body but then move into an energetic or emotional release/expansion. It’s hard to put words to what Alison does, but it is deep and transformational for those willing to be open enough to explore their inner world or spiritual dimensions.

When you book a session with Alison, she will sit with you for a short assessment of your health history, what it is you need from your treatment, and any current issues or challenges that could be contributing to your body’s stress and discomfort. Once that is done, you will lay on her table, maybe close your eyes, and take some deep calming breathes to encourage a sense of relaxation and comfort. Then she begins the body work of your choice. When the treatment is complete, you have an opportunity to debrief with her about how you are feeling, and what steps to take next on your healing journey. A session lasts approximately one-hour, depending on the depth of work needed. When you call Alison to book your initial treatment, she can help you decide which therapy might be best for your ailment. She currently works out of Colborne, Ontario.

Summer Sessions can be done outside!

During nicer weather you can also experience your treatment outdoors in the lovely gardens of her home. This is nice if you feel a deep desire to connect to nature, or if you just generally love the great outdoors!

If you are interested in booking with Alison, or have any questions for her, you can contact her directly by calling 289-251-6882. You can find her on Facebook at Alison Clarke, Natural Health Therapist. She also sends out a monthly newsletter, so certainly sign up for that if you’d like to get regular updates about her offerings: Stay In Touch!

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