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What does ritual mean to you? Is it something you turn to annually, seasonally, daily? Does it include some form of movement, meditation, action; or sacred objects like oracle cards, candles, incense, crystals? Ritual is something that I’ve dabbled with for many years, and only recently have I been diving deeper into this spiritual practice.

In September (2022) I had a powerful energy session with Alison Clarke; and the message that came through was about living from my “Sacred Self.” What effortlessly resulted from this treatment, was that afterwards I was waking up every day at 5am, giving me an extra hour or more each morning, and I was being CALLED to meditate. Every morning things “streamed” through me – sometimes energy, sometimes imagery, sometimes words (I did a lot of writing). I made an alter with affirmations, tarot cards, crystals and candles. I felt very grounded, very connected to a universal source of energy, and very inspired to be diligent and mindful with choices I was making in my life.

There was an awareness that this daily “ritual” was helping me align my day (and future, in general). It was a sacred space that I could bask in briefly … before the chaos of each day began. Even on days where I started to sleep longer, or days that I just didn’t have time to “dive deep”… I could always make 5-minutes happen. It has started to feel vital to my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It creates an intentional space around my day, that keeps me grounded and stable even when things get intense or seem out of control around me. I manage to stay strong in my own power. In my Sacred Self, I trust the path that unfolds before me, AS it unfolds before me with each sacred step. Life becomes the pilgrimage.

If you are feeling like you “need” some stabilizing in your life, I highly recommend just trying 5-minutes each morning (or even each night), to sit and breathe. It doesn’t have to be complicated, or deep, or mind-blowing. It just needs to be quiet, comfortable, and intentional. If you have the time to explore deeper practices, try pulling an oracle card (Rebecca Campbell makes all my favourite decks), or find a guided meditation to listen to online. Maybe write, or create affirmations for yourself. Just be open, and see how you feel, and what unfolds naturally. Maybe there’s emotions that have to move, maybe some divine guidance will suddenly appear. I tell you, every day is different for me! And I love that, I just follow the energy of the morning, and it’s magical.

This life is sacred, how can you start connecting to your Sacred Self more?

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