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Yoga Video 3: Gentle Core and Balance

We are half way through our 6-part Yoga Series, with video number three!

In this 3-minute video our foundation is hands and knees (if you are someone who needs to stay off your knees, you can do similar stretches standing with hands on a wall).  From this position we move through a few hip circles, transition into gentle core work with leg lifts, and then an extra balance challenge by lifting the opposite arm.

If you suffer from severe shoulder/neck or knee pain please skip this video and try one of our other videos:

Video 1: Let’s Lay Down or Video 2: Spinal Movement

Always consult with a doctor before beginning any new yoga routine; and remember these videos can never replace a real class with the care of a certified yoga instructor.

Grab a blanket or towel to fold up under the knees and/or wrists and get ready to move!

Next week video number four will be “Tummy Time” where we focus on gentle back bends. Stay tuned!

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