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50 Reasons To Do Yoga

Although yoga is famous for it’s physical benefits and fitness trends, it is also respected as an ancient (healing) art to assist one in attaining enlightenment. Below I have listed 50 reasons why you should try yoga, I’m sure you will find at least one reason worth trying it for!

  1. Improves organ function
  2. Improves breathing
  3. Improves circulation
  4. Improves digestion
  5. Improves muscle tone
  6. Improves balance
  7. Improves focus
  8. yoga Builds strength
  9. Strengthens the back
  10. yoga Opens the body:
  11. Lungs (side stretches)
  12. Heart (back bends)
  13. Back (forward bends)
  14. Gives the spine 6 major movements to optimize whole body function
  15. Detoxifies body (twists)
  16. Can help gain more flexibility
  17. Can help gain more mobility
  18. It’s fun!
  19. Size does not matter
  20. Age does not matter
  21. It’s more than fitness
  22. It’s meditation in motion
  23. Soothes anxiety
  24. Can help improve sleep
  25. Can help clear the mind
  26. Can help ease depression
  27. You can do it anywhere
  28. You get to know your body in a unique way
  29. Rest on a very deep level (Yoga Nidra)
  30. Rejuvenate body and mind
  31. Rebalance the nervous system
  32. De-stresses!
  33. Sets intention
  34. Manifest your dreams
  35. Self-care
  36. Nurturing
  37. Letting go (The Edge)
  38. Finding peace
  39. Offer peace to others
  40. Opens intuition
  41. Encourages compassion for self and others
  42. Helps us discover our passion/purpose/path (Sankalpa)
  43. Connects us to the Divine within us.
  44. Gives us true power (helps us let go of the need to control)
  45. Helps us dissolve Maya (the veils of illusion)
  46. Teaches us to listen to our bodies
  47. Helps heal/integrate all layers of the human experience (mental/emotional/physical/energetic).
  48. Tunes us into the energies around us
  49. Awakens creative potential (visions, movement, sound, etc.)
  50. Prepares us for Enlightenment


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