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Well folks, these blogs have slowly tapered off… but you know, I never forget about writing. I just get distracted! The 50 reasons to do yoga blogs will continue, just at a slower rate then I planned! With other topics and updates scattered in-between.

Outdoor Yoga Circle
Outdoor Yoga Circle


On August 15th I was a guest teacher at Headwaters Farm north of Cobourg and Port Hope. What a lovely experience co-teaching with founder of Resilient Seed Wellness, Jenn Apple Pridham. Our mini-retreat “Embodied Heart: Perfect Storms and Stillness” was a great success. Moving through yoga flows embracing the four emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness and Joy. Eating a nurturing meal from the farm: homemade soup, sandwhiches (even the bread is baked on the farm!), fresh tomato and cheese salad, with refreshing lemon water. Ending our day in the heat with a full body Yoga Nidra (deep sivasana, yogic sleep) bringing awareness to the eye of our storm, giving ourselves the choice to stay in the center stillness of life’s chaos.


During September and October Headwaters Farm will be hosting 3 more mini-retreats with Jenn and other guest teachers. Each one has it’s own unique twist on spiritual growth and exploration.

September 13th is the next retreat  “Embodied Mind: The priestess and the muse.” This 3 hour exploration includes yoga, lunch and meditative/reflective walk and writing activity. Not far away, you may want to book your space now! I’m booking mine!

September 20th is “Embodied Spirit: Bridge of breath.” Yoga, lunch and pranayama practice!

October 4th is “Embodies Soul: Grounded in grace.” Yoga, lunch, guided meditation and reflection.

If you are interested in any of these mini-retreats contact Jenn Apple Pridham directly at 905.375.9511 (text/talk). The cost is $60 each.


Gentle yoga classes will resume again September 8th, but registration has begun and payment is due by September 1st.

Port Hope classes are Monday 12:30-1:30pm, and Thursday 10:30-11:30am.

Cobourg class is Tuesday 7-8pm.

Contact me, Jenni Burke, at gentle_hatha@live.com if you need more information or check out our Yoga Schedule.

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