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YouTube: Time To Grow!

Did you know I have owned a You-Tube account since 2010?

I recently re-discovered my “Yoga Canada” account that I started when I was training teachers in “The Gentle Way of Hatha.” I never did use the account, or upload any videos… until today, I did a test run.

Talk about a learning curve. I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years, and I have had many people ask for audios and videos, but it just never seemed do-able. Yet with today’s technology, I was able to make a video on my phone, upload it to google drive, and instantly add it to my YouTube channel.

Oh and the joys of self-criticism! “Maybe I should dye my hair… Better make-up would help… that shirt is horrible… You can see my crooked teeth?!…. I need to project my voice, stop mumbling!…” etc., etc. I always thought of myself as a very confident person, and then I throw myself in front of a camera and POOF! it’s gone. I am determined to conquer this discomfort.

So what’s the plan? Next week I have a friend helping me record a small series of 10-minute videos. Each one will be a section of our traditional classes (lay down, sit, hand and knees, stand, sivasana).

If you want to follow along on this new adventure, go subscribe to the channel!

Also – I welcome any advice on how to make this whole recording thing go smoothly. What sort of challenges have you had using YouTube? Share your wisdom below!


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