business cardThe Gentle Way Of Hatha began as a style of yoga that I was drawn to after injuring myself with an intense yoga routine.  Following a hernia operation I was forced to re-assess and re-discover my own personal yoga practice. Initially self taught at the age of 17, I  tried a few public classes that did not give me the same sense of peace or deep relaxation, and I continued to return to my own intuitive yoga practice. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and Child & Youth Worker (CYW) who specializes in gentle yoga and workshops for self-growth, self-discovery and mindfulness for people of all ages.

At 17 years old I taught myself yoga.  I had been studying/practicing meditation since I was about 14, and had read enough books about eastern philosophy that I felt it was an overdue project.  I fell in love with this peaceful practice, and became a certified teacher seven years later with the intention of opening my own yoga studio.

Since then I have also graduated college with an advanced diploma in Child and Youth Work.

I have a passion for art, writing and traveling.  One day I hope to teach across Canada, hosting workshops focusing on inner-development, and encourage people to live their best lives to help bring peace to themselves, their families, and the world.

A summary of my yoga career includes graduating in 2004 and starting Guru Heart Yoga. I expanded in 2008 and opened my studio Crescent Moon Healing Arts. In 2010 I certified my first teachers in “The Gentle Way Of Hatha” a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training I designed, in 2011 I had a baby, and in 2012 I graduated from my three year college program as a Child and Youth Worker.

My studies and life have taken me to Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Classes and workshops are currently held in the Northumberland area of Ontario, and I am looking for opportunities to teach across Canada.

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warrior prayer

The Gentle Way Of Hatha philosophy is ‘less is more’: yoga combined with breathing allows our body and mind to regain deep, and much needed, rejuvenation.  Yoga brings us to a place of stillness where we can begin to hear our voice of Truth speak to us.  Yoga helps us find balance in our physical and energetic bodies, and unite opposite forces to create a life of wholeness. The Gentle Way Of Hatha is designed to Get In The Gap! On top of teaching yoga, I am also a teacher of chakras, yoga philosophy, self-care, journaling, among many other things. I also offer workshops for youth that include themes of self-esteem, depression, and turning self-harm into self-care. Activities may include art, music, yoga, meditation, and writing.

Be sure to check out my blog about upcoming yoga classes and workshops.

40 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for the follow on my blog, Snide Reply. Seems very serendipitous to me; I need to get a calming practice back in my life and traditional meditation isn’t working for me right now. Looking forward to more from you.

  2. Very inspiring. I am actually heading to Vancouver in two weeks, I don’t know if you are any where near there though — geography… Keep on posting great stuff!!

  3. I’m so glad for your random comment on Le Clown’s blog… It lead me here.
    You are an inspiration and your blog is great.
    Okay, I’ll comment more later off to read your posts
    = ) alison

  4. Thank you for your dedication. I am truly inspired. This is true though, children are taught to behave however, I believe adults are merely children as well only with experiences where it is up to us whether to learn from it or repeat history.

      1. That just gave me an idea. That I don’t have to stretch it out long (pun intended) at home either. Can make it short and sweet, and try for twice a day. Thanks.

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