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All The Essentials (In Life and Oils)

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Maria Karampelas is a free spirited woman (zodiac of Capricorn), and mother, who has traveled Canada coast to coast in her life time. She has a passion for animals, writing, learning about natural health and wellness, and is recently expanding her wisdom through Young Living Essential Oils.

Currently living in Port Hope, Ontario, and serving Northumberland County with her energetic presence through the Young Living Transformation Team; and on a personal and professional level through her writing.

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This Feature is written by Maria Karampelas.

The lovely and talented Jenni Burke invited me to contribute to her  Blog recently and I feel so honored to be able to share a little about what I do, on this platform.  Jenni and I have been friends since I moved to Port Hope 17 years ago and we’ve watched each other grow since our early 20’s. Having been so close over the years, my lovely daughter and I even somehow get included in Burke family gatherings. Earlier this year, Jenni  told me she was opening up her Blog to local healers, professionals and artists to share their gifts.  She knew how excited I was about my Young Living Essential Oils and that it has become something of a passion of mine.  She suggested I write a blog about “my oils” and share it with her community.  I thought it sounded like a great idea and figured it would be easy.  I figured l would write a blog about different  cleaning blends with essential oils or about the fact that Young Living has over 80 oils and supplements combined that have been registered as Natural Health Products by Health Canada.


In an attempt to try and keep the post as short and sweet as possible I wanted to get my message across easily.  If I’m going to have an opportunity to tell someone about how I use essential oils for anything whether its cleaning or using it in my shampoo, I have to start with the most important thing-and that is quality.

My job as a Young Living leader is to teach people where to get information so everyone can experience the positive affects all of what the company produces can bring to your home, life and health.  Then, it gets fun when you can navigate around and learn all about the healing properties found in all the references that are available out there from current leaders and researchers within the Young Living essential oil world. The most important thing to know when using essential oils is to know you are using a trusted, completely pure therapeutic grade essential oil that has not ever been tampered with.  Something I see over and over is that many people love essential oils but they don’t know the differences of where they are from or how they are made. Everyone says their oils are pure and organic.

You have to be careful when looking for essential oils because a lot of the labels will read  100 per cent pure, but when you smell them or if you look on the back label you may notice a discrepancy in the smell if you have a trained nose or the oil may contain alcohol or it may be cut or diluted- even if it’s just supposed to be pure Frankincense or Peppermint.  A bottle of oil can say it’s pure or food grade and only contain 16 per cent essential oil and it doesn’t even have to mentioned on the label!  Hands down Young Living quality is the most trusted brand to use in the world. Young Living prides itself on its Seed to Seal process which is carried through in every step of the process.


Last summer I started going to seminars and classes with my local team (The Young Living Transformation Team) and have continued learning so much from attending classes and working with wellness leaders in the area and studying the numerous tools and information on the website and through all kinds of on-line forums that are available to me.  I definitely plan on expanding my education with certification courses in Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release.

Young Living oils came to my attention 20 years ago and I started using them in the late 1990’s. I was fully aware that you could smell the difference in quality in these oils and now after a full circle in my life, 20 years later I have reintroduced them in to my life and I honestly have to say I feel great.

I invite anyone to be open minded, that a little oil can help with some common health ailments. It’s my job and my mission to share this information with my friends.   I can control scents in my home by putting oils in my diffuser. It’s amazing! They clean the air and make me feel happy at the same time. I enjoy researching all this information, and have learned what works for me; and I continue to learn more and more every day.  Quality oils have anti bacterial, anti viral, purifying benefits and some are good with reducing symptoms of coughs, colds and allergies or even there are some oils you can use to help you feel relaxed and grounded.


Although I’m not a certified healer nor am I an artist, I love the idea of making things look beautiful.  I enjoy making  jewelry and trinkets, cooking, painting things, and making my own skin care products. I also read quite a lot and I dabble with lots of writing projects including two books that I’m currently working on.  I have my diploma in Broadcast Journalism which has always been my encouragement and path in being  aware and listening and educating myself and in using my writing and voice to share a message.

I offer empowerment through finding resources for you to take control of your body, mind and your health.  I am supported by an amazing team and we all learn and educate together on different levels for everyone. I offer presentations and lead by showing you the tools and resources on how you can learn to use Young Living oils and products to include them in your lives.

If you have any questions about using essential oils, or are interested in a workshop on how to use them, please reach out. We can discuss wellness on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  We can focus on one issue, or multiple issues, and see how essential oils can help you. Remember essential oils are not meant to cure, but meant to assist and benefit many systems of our bodies. I look forward to learning and growing together!

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