Yoga Teacher Training

The Gentle Way Of Hatha yoga teacher training is moving into it’s third transition!

The first year I designed the program as a 200-hour hatha training, registered and approved by the Yoga Alliance.

The second year I modified the training to keep the same content, but condensed it into a shorter training to make it more accessible for both me and the students attending.

Now coming into the third year, I am working on an official ‘manual’ for The Gentle Way Of Hatha yoga teacher training with an emphasis on the gentle philosophy. The program has been stripped down to the most basic necessities for teachers, offering them an opportunity for self-discovery, spiritual growth, learning, and most importantly sharing their passion for yoga with others safely.

The training includes:

  • Techniques and practice of the asanas, bandhas, kriyas, and meditations.
  • Teaching methology such as observation, assisting, correcting, demos, instruction, languaging, teaching styles, qualities and ethics of a teacher, as well as business aspects of yoga.
  •  Basic anatomy and physiology.
  • Yoga philosophy (the eight limbs of yoga and the yoga sutras of patanjali).
  • Practicum (teaching both in class and outside of class).

Expectations or commitment to studies:

  • As a student you will be assigned reading, anatomy colouring, and essays to write.
  • As a student you will participate and critique 6 yoga classes (with 6 different teachers) and hand in your personal feedback.
  • You will be expected to devote at least one hour a week to your own personal yoga practice at home, and will write monthly papers on your progress or learning from this experience.
  • The program is designed in two parts and you will write two tests. The first half of training focuses on the  postures and foundations of teaching, and the second half of the training focuses on practicum and expanding your knowledge through teaching.
  • You will write one exam (design your own yoga series).
  • You will teach 4 classes in-class with other students, and you will teach at least one class outside of our contact hours with your own students. All teaching much have feedback forms handed in.

Cost and Hours:

  • There are 10 weekends, one weekend each month (the training takes 10 months to complete).
  • Each student receives 70 contact hours directly with me; 6 hours in class and 1 hour on telephone each month.
  • Non-contact hours would be estimated at a minimum of 100 hours (in total), this includes classes you take with other teachers, home-study and home-practice, research outside of program expectations, and your teaching others outside of class time. Non-contact hours are any learning you do without my direct supervision and they must be documented by the student.
  • It is encouraged that students gather once a month of their own accord to help each other with learning/exploring/sharing of their experiences in the training.
  • The cost is $1600 and includes your contact hours, all texts (binder, handouts, asana book, yoga sutras, anatomy colouring book, and The Gentle Way Of Hatha manual), and your certificate. The cost does not include classes you must take outside of our contact hours, or other recommended texts you may want to purchase for your learning.
  • There is a maximum of 8 students for this training, it is designed to be small, safe, intimate, comfortable and accessible. There may be one weekend of teaching where we gather on both the Saturday and the Sunday for practicum (each student teaches their one hour class, and is offered feedback from us).
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