For Youth

website for youthKids these days, eh?

We don’t give them enough credit. This world is a harsh place, and we (the adults, parents, teachers, etc.) created it. We expect youth to suck it up, be grateful for what they’ve got, and all that we do for them. If we had to fight to survive, so can they, right?

Well it appears to be getting tougher for kids, not easier. Depression, suicide and self-harm are all on the rise. Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sex and the world-wide-web are all preying on our youth. Babies are raising babies.

So now what?

Lets give our youth the opportunity to share their input. Listen, be present and help them create the change necessary for them to build a life of safety, stability, security and most of all peace and happiness. Below I have listed a few of the workshops I designed for teens. The goal is to give them tools and support they may otherwise be lacking, and to help them move through daily life challenges or struggles.

  • Turning Self-Harm Into Self-Care
  • Journalling For Self-Discovery
  • Vision Art (Goal Setting)
  • Spirits Journey (Meditation Group)
  • Unloading Our Baggage (sharing circle)
  • Lets Talk About Death

Details to follow.

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