Barefoot Yoga Accessories

I am extremely excited to share this opportunity to sell Barefoot Yoga accessories once again!

When I opened my yoga studio Crescent Moon Healing Arts in 2006, this was the only company whose yoga products held my high standards of quality.

I personally have owned a variety of their mysore mats, I swear by their bolsters, and I have been using the same yoga strap for over seven years with little signs of wear and tear.  Many of their products are even environmentally-conscious.

Have you ever bought a sticky-mat and after opening it wanted to throw it out because of the smelly chemicals oozing out of it?  You won’t get that with Barefoot yoga’s Eco Friendly Mats.  The first time I ordered their mats, I was thrilled when I opened this shipping box of mats, and there was not one piece of plastic in it!  All newsprint and cardboard, and no headaches from unpacking stinky products.

Be sure to check these products out!  You can order them online, directly off their website.

Even though I no longer have my studio, sharing Barefoot Yoga accessories online works just as well because now my students can purchase these products directly from the source.  You are getting the same quality products for affordable prices.

You will gets many years of yoga out of these products, I have my own to prove it!

Barefoot Yoga

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