2019 at a Glance


  • Meditation and Manifestation

Come join us for an afternoon of exploring basic meditation techniques, discuss how they help with the process of manifestation, and set some goals. What do you desire to create in your life?


  • Spring Renewal & Self-Care

This 3 hour workshop is an opportunity to rest and renew through restorative yoga, meditation and reflective writing. Hit the pause button on life, and get ready for a serious re-set.


  • Calming the Turbulent Mind

Have you ever wondered about meditation? This is a workshop that focuses on beginner techniques, so you are able to explore a few different meditations to discover what works best for you. We practice breathing, gazing, walking, and guided visualization. You are given a workbook, and opportunity to reflect between each exercise so you can refer back to it, when you practice at home.


  • Finding the Calm in the Chaos

This is a jam packed afternoon, with a variety of book work and body movement. Although this is an opportunity to rest and reset; it is also an opportunity to make an honest assessment of your life (past) and what needs to change (future), and how you can take  healthier steps moving forward (setting boundaries, proper scheduling, and setting realistic goals).

  • Annual Art Show – St.Mark’s Christmas Market

Step outside the  yoga zone and into the art zone! I have a passion for Canadian travel, and I paint Canadian Landscapes. Come check out my latest work, plus all my cards, prints and 2020 Calendar!