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MedMob | June 8, 2014

What is a MedMob? A group of people who gather to meditate in a public place. Originated by Ben Heath, a yoga teacher in Austin Texas, his first gathering brought 50 participants and his second brought 250. Now teachers all over the world are following his footsteps and leading MedMobs of their own. Although our… Continue reading MedMob | June 8, 2014

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Yogi’s Unite!

Things are coming together nicely for our post-cancer-fundraiser! Yoga Schedule for Sunday, June 8th: 11:00am Gentle Yoga with me (Jenni Burke)- also draws and likely a speech, be warned! 12:30 Yoga with Jenn Apple Pridham (Resilient Seed Wellness) 2:00pm MedMob with Jenn Apple Pridham (Resilient Seed Wellness) 3:15pm Yoga Flow with Christina Harvey-Klein (Goodlife Fitness)… Continue reading Yogi’s Unite!