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Yoga In The Great Outdoors

...And for a good cause!           Sunday is coming fast; and an update is due on Yogi's Unite! If you still want to learn more about why we are holding this fundraiser, please read the blog "The Truth Hurts: The Financial Strain Of Cancer." We have had many generous donations, and… Continue reading Yoga In The Great Outdoors

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Yogi’s Unite Rain or Shine!

This fundraiser had taken a path all it's own since we started promoting it two months ago. In fact it has branched into a few different paths! The June 6th hair donation has branched into an opportunity for the children I work with to donate their hair with me. Although we are far from the… Continue reading Yogi’s Unite Rain or Shine!

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Time To Thrive

Since posting our last three blogs about Jenny Jackson-Hall's post-cancer fundraiser it became apparent that people might need to know why we would need to do one at all. There are two stories here... 1)Jenny's financial truths and 2) the reason why I felt the need to help support her through her journey. JENNY'S STORY… Continue reading Time To Thrive

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Relay For Life Plus Yoga!

On March 8th I launched the idea of raising funds to support a friend through her breast-cancer journey. After talking to her more about finances on March 16th I upped the financial goal from $3000 to $6000. Since then I have come up with a strategy to reach our goal, and I'm excited to share… Continue reading Relay For Life Plus Yoga!

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Upping The Ante!

WELL since talking to the lovely Jenny Jackson-Hall after our last blog post about her journey through cancer a few more details have fallen into place. The fundraiser and head-shaving event will take place the evening of Friday, June 6th. We are going to include 2 outdoor yoga classes, with all funds going to the family (this… Continue reading Upping The Ante!

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Facing The Ego

In November 2013 one of the strongest, healthiest, most inspiring women I know was diagnosed with breast cancer. From the beginning of her diagnosis she has been very open about the joys and sorrows that have accompanied her journey through cancer. Her courage and positive attitude has inspired many who have shared the intimate details… Continue reading Facing The Ego