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Reflection Of Self

Welcome to the dark side. Yoga has been a gift of Light for me throughout many life challenges over the last 17 years. Yoga has also allowed me to be a Light-giver. What does not often come forth in my public or professional life is the Darkness. Mostly this is a part of all of… Continue reading Reflection Of Self

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The Gentle Way Of Hatha

Today I registered my business; the official name is now The Gentle Way Of Hatha. I have struggled with naming this business for quite awhile now.  In the summer I put out a post asking for ideas and suggestions, and the winner would receive a free yoga session.  I had many amazing suggestions, and yet… Continue reading The Gentle Way Of Hatha

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Yoga And The Chakras

1/10 Part of my yoga business is teaching specialized workshops.  One of the most popular ones over the years, which I have taught over and over again, is 'Understanding The Chakras: Our Seven Major Energy Centers.' Most people are very aware of our physical bodies, but are not fully aware of our energy bodies.  Some… Continue reading Yoga And The Chakras