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How To Change Your Mind | Netflix

Have you watched this four part docuseries on Netflix yet? You should. “How To Change Your Mind” is exploring new ways to help people heal. It’s not the drug use I’m condoning here, it is the topic of healing that fascinates me.

In fact, I’m not even going to get into the drug aspects of these documentaries too much, because what is has inspired me to share is the healing process I have been going through (without any drugs) – and it is almost exactly the same process these folks describe in their experiences.

Alison Clarke is a healer I have been seeing since I was in my early 20’s. She has seen me through many life crises. I don’t feel I need to get into the details of the traumas of my life to get my point across – my point is that we each have to have the courage to face whatever demons are brewing inside of us if we want our lives to get better.

In these documentaries, people are given that opportunity (or “gateway” as I think of it) with the use of different psychedelics. It seems to me, this is a safe and supported way to let the walls “fall down”… and for these patients to directly access things they’ve repressed or avoided for most of their lives (and understandably so!). I love how they each describe their unique experiences, and how they are able to face these very traumatic experiences with love and compassion (please watch these).

It is also interesting to me, how often drugs are used to escape, repress, or deny facing these life challenges. So often these drugs can cause more long-term harm, or mental-health disorders. In my culture taking these drugs for recreational purposes was for fun, not for healing. There is no support system to guide you through your ‘trip’ nor spiritual wisdom embedded in any sacred ritual. No monitoring of your well-being, or lessons to be learned. However, these new medical studies are shifting the paradigm. Instead of being left to the whims of the drug of your choice, you are brought into a comfortable clinic, you are supported through your inner journey, you can talk to doctors and know you are safe.

The spin I want to put on this is, you also don’t need the drugs at all. IF you have the willingness to go deep within yourself, to face whatever issues are surfacing in your life (which could be showing up as anxiety, depression, grief, or other disorders)… you can do this healing work in so many different ways!

When I work with Alison, we go through an almost identical process as the clients in these documentaries do – we get comfortable, we do some breathing, we check in with what is happening in my body… and then things unfold, in a very natural order of how they need to. Visualizations are always a part of my sessions with Alison, and unlocking deep messages that my body holds. I see colours, energy, hear vibrations and have physical and emotional responses to what arise. It’s not unusual for me to writhe on her table in temporary agony as old energy leaves my physical body. Tears are shed. Guides speak to me. The realizations are ALWAYS profound.

The way I summarize this work, whether it’s in a clinical field with mind-altering drugs, or whether it is on a healer’s table; it is all about letting go of old repressed “stuff” and returning more whole and happy to ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to heal. To step more fully into the joy of living NOW.

Watch the documentaries, be inspired, and remember you are not alone. We all hold some form of trauma or grief in our bodies and life, and there are so many ways to heal them.

Continue the conversation: What are your thoughts on this docuseries and healing?

2 thoughts on “How To Change Your Mind | Netflix”

  1. My life experience that nature’s healing materials have been co-opted and abused by corporations for sale to the wealthy, and I think this is just another another example. These substances originate from the earth. To corporatize them, and charge fees for their practical healing is, in my opinion, morally wrong and non-sustainable. The wealthy will make it sough after by lesser beings when, in fact, your dedicated yoga spirit teacher and their allies can do more for less.
    My advice: follow the money… if goes beyond your County or municipality look closer to your heart.

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