NEW yoga class in Colborne!

The summer yoga schedule is expanding! Last summer we tried offering an outdoor class at Wicklow Manor, and although the first few classes were lovely; we ended up rained out for almost the remainder of the summer. Due to it’s popularity and positive response, I thought I would try a class in the same area but with a more secure (indoor) space.

The difference is (due to the cost to run the class) I need minimum of 8-participants to pre-register for the full 8-week session (July 7 – August 25, 2022). We will gather on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm, in Colborne, Ontario. If this is something you are interested in please let me know as soon as possible (if I do not have enough pre-registered by June 23rd I will have to cancel the class). You can let me know by emailing (Jenni) at gentle_hatha@live.com. Payment is not due until I have students confirmed.

What to expect in a class? Deep rejuvenation. We focus on the “whole body” (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic). We work with breathing, gentle stretches, and body awareness. It is really important that you listen to your own body. This is not a fitness class, it is a class that emphasizes stress-relief and relaxation; an opportunity to nourish your nervous system. These classes would be great for you if:

  • You are suffering from any type of burnout
  • You feel tired/sore all the time
  • You have an old injury or limitation that prevents you from joining other forms of activities (including traditional yoga practices)
  • You are highly stressed and just need a moment (or in this case, an hour) to hit PAUSE and get away from all the chaos around you

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Feel free to share this blog with others who you believe could benefit from these gentle yoga classes.


Jenni Burke.

email: gentle_hatha@live.com

facebook: The Gentle Way of Hatha

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