What’s In Store!

Owner, Christine, of What’s In Store

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Instagram: Christine McIver McKague

Who is “What’s In Store”?

Back in 2007 Christine McKague started her little environmentally-friendly shop “What’s In Store” in Cobourg after learning of all of the harsh chemicals generally included in so many household cleaners and personal care products she and her family were using.   Through the years to follow she continued to seek out brands (mostly Canadian) who share her desire to use products made from ingredients that nature provides, in more natural forms.

The goal behind building this business was to bring all the products we need to function effectively in our day-to-day lives to one place.  Christine wanted to provide researched products that she personally tested (so that she could transparently discuss the pros and cons of her personal experience with the products). Over time she was approached by customers who were specifically seeking products to replace or simply provide a solution to a need they had.  Their trust in her thorough approach, and their willingness to test products for effectiveness, resulted in the addition of even more categories to her offerings.

As time moved on Christine expanded her shop, and eventually landed downtown for a period of 3+ years, where she enjoyed being immersed in the shop-local atmosphere that location fostered.  At the end of 2019 (as luck would have it pre-covid) Christine moved the store back to her home, to provide more balance in her life and reduce the overhead. Fortunately, by this time she had developed a following of people who loved what she was about, and loved the results and peace of mind that came from the fantastic, clean brands she had sourced over the years. 

With the onset of the pandemic, Christine and her customers agreed that the move to her house was indeed fortunate (some even suggesting she had a Guardian Angel).  The move home and the creation of her new online shop (website link above), made it possible for Christine’s customers to continue to get the products they had grown to love, as well as to be able to continue to expand their own clean products and zero-waste efforts.

Go check out “What’s In Store” in Cobourg, Ontario and make your own transition to cleaner products that are kinder to the planet and all of us that share this beautiful space.

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