Spring Renewal in 2020

Normally we would be gathering in May, for my annual “Spring Renewal” workshop. We settle into our group with herbal tea, some casual introductions, and ease into a meditation, restorative yoga, and some reflective writing.

This year, with it’s obvious pandemic challenges, not only have yoga classes been put on pause, but workshops are no longer available either. As other places begin to open, it is clear to me churches will likely be one of the last places made accessible to the public. Eventually we will be able to gather again, likely in smaller groups and with proper physical distancing, but now with these threats of a “second wave” I’m not sure when that will happen.

We are all tired of this. Whether you are stuck at home, or hustling your buns on the front-line, this is a hard time for our society; we are used to our freedom, we are used to convenience, and instant gratification. Even with the technology we have at our finger tips in today’s day and age, it is not enough. People are restless, angry, and confused. It is an emotionally charged time, full of fear and uncertainty.

We are due for an internal re-set, to help us continue to get through this disruption of our old norm. A way to ease the transition into a new norm. Our nervous systems need an opportunity to rest, our minds an opportunity to calm, and our spirits the opportunity to get grounded in our physical bodies again.

The spring renewal workshop will now be called the “Soul Renewal” workshop. It will be available beginning Saturday, June 6th. I have put together a package based on the original workshop, but with a few tweaks. It will include your at-home workbook, with guidance and writing prompts. It will include an herbal tea, and a sweet treat. You will receive two pre-recorded meditations for you to download via email (one to open the workshop, and one to close the workshop). This package is available for your purchase at any time ($60), and will be delivered to your door with zero contact!

You can place your order by emailing me (Jenni) at gentle_hatha@live.com

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