Ten Dollar Yoga Classes!

This is a promotion I haven’t offered in a long time! But as summer looms I am hoping to recruit a few new yoga students, so here’s the deal…

If you sign up for the Tuesday 7pm class or the Thursday 10:30am class with a new friend/student you BOTH get $10 classes. Here’s the catch: You both have to be signed up and paid in full ($90 – 9 week session) by Tuesday, June 26th (classes begin the following week).

This deal applies to:

  • Current students who bring a new person to class
  • Current students who bring a past student back
  • Past students who want to return together
  • Two new friends who have never done a class with The Gentle Way of Hatha
  • Those who register for the full 9 weeks

This deal does not apply to:

  • The Tuesday 12:30 class
  • Current students who are already doing classes together (but if you each bring a new person you all save!)
  • Those who are not signing up for the full session


You can also get $12 classes, if you are an individual student who per-registers for two classes a week. This is an ongoing bundle I offer all year. To get this discount you must pre-register and be paid in full for both classes by Friday, June 29th.



2 thoughts on “Ten Dollar Yoga Classes!

  1. Hi Jennifer, I’m interested in registering for Jul/aug yoga session on Tues in Port Hope. Where is the class held? How can I get a cheque to you?

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