Sack It Up!

bobbi lynn logoBUSINESS NAME: Sack It Up!

OWNER: Bobbi-Lynn Stewart

WEBSITE: Sack It Up!



This blog is written by Bobbi-Lynn.

I initially started making things out of necessity when my daughter was born (I.e. bibs, burp cloths, etc). As she grew, my items started to change. Now that she is school age, (and I happen to work in schools) I noticed the need for re-usable items.  Things just kind of naturally evolved into the re-usable snack bags.


I graduated from the Social Service Worker program at Loyalist College, which doesn’t pertain to Sack It Up! I have no formal sewing training aside from what I learned in high school.  The rest is self-taught.

As I became more aware of the growing need for re-usable products, I wanted to help out in any way I could, which happens to be through making school lunches more eco-friendly. 

 People benefit from my products by using less plastic in their lunches, and cute/trendy and colourful fabrics to brighten up their day!  Customized options are also available: we can have customized fabric made and we offer personalized embroidry (both are great for names or logos). How the custom fabric works, is I work with the customer on something that they want on their fabric (for example, names are very popular) and any other (non licensed) image they may want.  I design it on my computer, have it printed onto fabric by an outside company, then they ship the printed fabric back to me, then I can make your snack bags out of that. (With company permission I can use logo’s as well)

farmers market ph

You can find me with my “Sack It Up!” products every Saturday in Port Hope at the farmers Market. See you there!

Be sure to follow my Facebook Page (link above) for other upcoming events!

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