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2018 Looking Ahead




the gentle way of hatha first page manual

I will finally have time to focus on writing this year. The manual is very simple in theory, and it has been brewing in my mind since 2006. Just a booklet of my gentle style of classes: very basic pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (hatha yoga postures) and simple flows that students can refer to at home; or teachers can use if they need to design their own classes to modify for their students needs.

My friend and fellow instructor Alison Clarke will be offering a more in depth philosophy of The Gentle Way of Hatha, beyond what my personal classes (physically) offer. This can be helpful to other instructors, or beginner yogis who want to deepen their physical practice while still keeping with the gentle nature of movement.


I try to offer seasonal workshops: with a Manifestation one in the new year, Spring Renewal around mother’s day, a summer meditation retreat, and “finding the calm in the chaos” before Christmas. There is a larger variety of workshops available, and can be run in private groups with a minimum of six participants.



How does this fit into yoga? I suppose it doesn’t, but it is a part of my business growth!


Since 2015 I have gradually been investing more time into painting and creating; and each year I sell more art and work on more custom orders in my free time. This year I would prefer to not use all my “free personal time” on business though. So along with creating my yoga manual, I will be scheduling in time devoted to art as well. If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact me (Jenni) directly at

In May I will displaying some new (including larger) paintings in Campbellford for 3 months. On July 28th Jennifer Trefiak and I will be hosting our annual summer art show in Port Hope (with our main theme being Northumberland and Lake Ontario Landscapes). I will also host my annual solo show in December in Port Hope.

Feel free to follow my art page on Facebook for regular updates. I share works in progress, new completed pieces, as well as info on upcoming events: Jennifer Anne Burke.



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