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During 2017 my yoga classes were at full capacity for most of the year. As we move into 2018 there is a little bit of space in the Cobourg Tuesday evening class (7-8pm), and one space available in the  Port Hope Thursday morning class (10:30-11:30am). If you are interested in attending please contact me (Jenni) directly at

grief retreat poster

On Saturday, January 20th, I am assisting Avril Ewing of Refresh Reiki with a Grief Retreat. Although this is new to us, we have a realm of experience between us, both personally and professionally.  Avril has a background in Bereavement, I have a background in yoga, and we both have experience with meditation. Together we designed a day that focuses on exploring how we experience grief in our body, mind and emotions. There will be discussion, reflection, restorative yoga, guided meditation and the day includes lunch and most materials (you need to bring your own yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket).

To register for this event you must email Avril at


I am a goal-setter by nature. Everything I have ever accomplished, it’s because I wrote it down and followed through: sometimes aggressively and sometimes passively. This year was a bit of a “passive” year for me… I streamlined my (yoga) business, and changed my part-time jobs, to allow for more time and space to create (art). I have said NO more then I’ve said YES this year. I was determined to commit to a year of self-care, and a well balanced schedule. I have done okay. I ditched the guilt and changed my beliefs around obligations, and I feel relatively healthy and happy.

This year was about simplifying, letting go of the extra stuff to create a more calm life-style. It was a trial year of raising my income, while actually “working” less. Although, I definitely worked less, my income plateaued among all the shifts and changes.

But here’s the thing: I realized that I actually feel more abundant through having the extra time to enjoy my life (and paint). I did not feel like I was lacking or stressed financially this year, not once. I feel like my days of lack are over (I hope). As someone who has pulled myself out of poverty, I have myself trained to live on very little. I lived the minimalist life-style out of need, not choice, and it has served me so well I have no intention of giving it up.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my business (and small businesses in general) through yoga classes, workshops, and my art. Without you none of it would be possible! I am so grateful…


Some of you know I also paint. 2017 has been my most exciting year yet as an artist, and at the very least I can say it’s a passion that supports itself. This is an avenue of business I hope to grow and explore more during 2018. I have already started 2 large scale paintings, and will be finishing up a few pieces I started last year.


I will be showing some of these pieces at the Campbellford Library through Spirit of the Hills, in May 2018.

My next series however will be focused on landscapes of Northumberland, but you will have to stay tuned for details on the summer show with Jennifer Trefiak.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook: Jennifer Anne Burke and The Gentle Way of Hatha.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!

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