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Reiki | Meditation | Grief

avrilBUSINESS NAME:  Refresh Reiki

OWNER:  Avril Ewing

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This feature is written by Avril Ewing.


My background is in bereavement, and I have served hundreds and thousands of families and mourners as they go through the acute stage of loss and grief.  I found my vocational interests leaning more and more towards grief, and how to assist people process through it while preventing complications. Trauma and grief often go hand in hand, and for me, Reiki was a natural direction to go as it allows me to help people when they need it the most, and give them the power to live the life they want.

Since I was very young I have been what is now called an Empath. I pick up on everything and am very intuitive. Through my Reiki practice I have been able to hone these abilities to make me a better Reiki practitioner. I have always known I am a natural healer so it was amazing to find Reiki.

I have always been interested in energy work and one day it seemed like the right moment so I decided to have a Reiki treatment. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and right there and then I decided I would learn how to do this too so I can help people as well.

I studied with two Reiki Masters to learn the history of the practice, the different ways of using Reiki, the symbols available for different styles of treatment, and how to perform a Reiki treatment. I have also read a number of really great books on Reiki, energy work, Light-Workers, and healing. The beauty of Reiki is that is doesn’t take any great amount of education or intellect. Once you are attuned to it you can always use it and it never goes away, and the more a practitioner or Master practices, the stronger it gets.


I started Refresh Reiki in 2016 when I became a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.  In 2017 I carried on to become a Reiki Master, and a meditation guide. More recently I have teamed up with Jenni Burke, The Gentle Way of Hatha, to co-create a “Grief Retreat” which we will offer in January 2018. Together we are combining our knowledge (and life experience) of grief and healing, and offering others the opportunity to explore their own grief, while also exploring therapeutic tools like yoga, mediation, writing and creativity.


I like to keep things simple and accessible, so your treatment takes place in your own space.  This allows me to keep our sessions affordable and I don’t have to worry about anyone driving home after being deeply relaxed.  I leave my clients right where they are so they can stay in the moment and continue their relaxation.

Each treatment is different depending on what each client would like.  Some like music, some like silence. Some like to be smudged, some prefer essential oils. Some like to have me create affirmations to use during our time together, some just like an energetic cleansing and top up.

Reiki is very relaxing and when we are relaxed out body’s own natural healing abilities can function. We sleep better, have a stronger immune system, and pain is reduced.  Reiki promotes inner peace and harmony which can help calm our thoughts and emotions. When we are calm and peaceful everything in our lives improves – outlook is everything!

Regular treatments can bring about a calmer state of mind, feelings of compassion and empathy, and can help improve personal relationships. Reiki can also help us disconnect from toxic and unhealthy relationships too. Emotional bonds can be very strong and need some help to break when they are of no benefit to us.

Reiki can help sooth emotional trauma and is a wonderful and serene way of helping with grief, loss, and sorrow.  On a spiritual level Reiki is used for chakra clearing and balancing, self-transformation, connecting with the Divine, and reaching the deepest parts of ourselves.

Reiki is for anyone, of any age, at any time in their life.





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