How Can I Best Be of Service? Part 1

I think I am regaining balance, after last week threw me (and many others in the world) for a loop with the reality that white supremacy is still so alive. My mind has been blown by the slow evolution of mankind. All this darkness- rising to the light.

Questioning: What can I really do about all this?

I have felt helpless, confused and unsure about my place in this upheaval. Yet, there is a very clear message that those who have a voice must use it now, to channel these mixed feelings into a force for Love and Light. Even if I feel angry and dark.

My day to day life is SO peaceful, I am SO aware of how much privilege I have in my life, and rarely does a day pass that I don’t thank my lucky stars and good fortune for everything I have: a roof over my head, good food in my fridge, and a car to transport me anywhere I want or need to go. Beyond that, I have work I love, I get to live my passions, and I have the time and space to just drift/dream/explore my inner world without massive stress. Compared to many places in the world, right now Canada is an okay place to be.

Usually these privileges fill me with feelings of immense gratitude and joy. But this week, they have filled me with anger and even guilt. Why am I so fortunate to live this privileged life while other innocent people are being threatened, attacked, and killed? Why can everyone not have what I have? It is such a simple life, and everyone deserves to be safe and loved. EVERYONE. It seems so simple, so obvious, and so essential and I just do not understand how we have not figured out how to fill every single human beings basic needs. There’s enough money floating out around the world, to share. There’s enough land and natural resources. Even without money- the earth has provided for us as long as humans have been alive. Why all this violence, struggle and limited thinking/doing?

I’m not asking those questions because I want answers; I’m going to hear the same old shit about politics, politicians, religion, and blame blame blame. I don’t want to hear it. I want to help. I want to hear other’s stories, and what has helped (or not helped) them in their struggles; and how can community and society and individuals help them? I’m not writing this because I have answers for others, I’m writing it to learn about others.

In my tiny community, of mostly white people, I have lived in a bubble. Not that my life has been easy, but it has had many privileges others might never know. The duality in this world will never go away, but, part of my mission in life and work is to find peace within that duality, and the constant change life ensures for better or worse.


Below is a list of articles and websites that I have delved into, trying to learn, understand and prevent, this unacceptable state of the world and humanity.


I have been able to return to a sense of gratitude, and am seeing a lot of positive messages and responses online, to what just days before seemed so hopeless. We are evolving, it’s just a slow process. I also saw a rainbow in the east, as the sun was setting in the west. So will end on that note.

May every being be free from suffering. May we all find peace, love and joy. Namaste.



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