The Akashic Records



Owned by Cheryl Susan Brightman, Wisdom’s Way was created to help people access their personal Akashic Record. Cheryl opens the record, offering them an opportunity to heal and grow in their life. Cheryl also offers workshops and coaching, teaching others to access their own records and empowering them on their Life Path.

BUSINESS NAME & Website: Wisdom’s Way

Email: chery@wisdomsway.ca  Telephone: 416-525-5816

This Feature is written by Cheryl.


Learn to grow well in all areas of your life.   A school book is for you to learn from, and grow in your life knowledge and skills.  The Akashic Records (Book of Life) is kindred to a school book.  Your soul reads from your Book of Life and guides you from it, to help you through every aspect of your life.  It is amazing to be able to read up on a matter where you need guidance and to read how best to understand, resolve and action it.

For me, a dear friend suggested I see an Akashic Record Consultant; as I was exhausted and looking for my next job, I wanted a change yet it wasn’t clear. I was skeptical as psychics used to say to me “you can do this for yourself”.   I went to see the Consultant and she kept saying ‘you are an organizer’.   I was cheeky and responded ‘I know, I organize events and want to do something else’.  Yet she kept repeating it.   I didn’t want to listen so I thanked her and left early.  The words ‘you are an organizer’ kept repeating and I finally paid attention.  I recognized I did and do help people organize their thoughts, emotions, feelings and lives, and it was natural for me.   A few months later the Consultant contacted me to attend the first course ever in Toronto.  My mind thought ‘no way’ and the word ‘yes’ flew out of my mouth.   Fast forward to day of the course.  I’m walking and decided to pretend I was sick and cancel out.   I couldn’t get through and ended up at the Consultant’s front door.   Walked in and sat down.   The Teacher mentioned that sometimes you may feel guided to teach this and my hand instantly rose.  Spirit moved me.  The rest is…well history!

​My education has been lots of life!  I trained for three years with an organization throughout the United States.  Attended and co-taught classes and completed over 100 case study consultations.  I have also studied with Sonia Choquette and other intuitives.

​Life experiences are my work/life.  Every day I live life with my Book of Life open to learn and grow from all life experiences.  My family and friends also are connected and I work with clients and teach all the time.  It’s the love of my life.


In a reading you are open to receiving messages from Spirit, that you are ready to hear/feel/live. The potential is powerful and limitless, when you are truly open to heal. You can ask spirit about work, relationships, family, past lives, whatever you are most interested in clearing/manifesting.


Join me in Toronto at Fieldstone Wellness:

  • May 5/6 to facilitating Level 1 of the Akashic Records

Join me in Cobourg:

  • June 17th for private consultations

​Join me in Bancroft at Grail Springs:

  • September 1/2
  • November 10/11





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