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Crystal-Malas and Meditation


Located in Port Hope, Ontario, Manifesting Alchemy is owned and operated by the magical Miranda Goody. All her creations are hand-made by her with loving intention. She offers regular workshops and participates in a variety of “pop up” shops and markets.

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This feature is written by Miranda Goody.


A mala is a set of beads used for keeping count while repeating a mantra, affirmation or intention. A mantra is an instrument to free the mind (or a way to train, re-program and master the mind).

Traditionally, malas were created with rudraksha seeds, Bodhi seeds, sandalwood, rosewood and even bone. They were to be used for meditation only and not to be worn (and especially not to be touched by others). We always honour the ancient traditions and our ancestors for the wisdom they have brought us and the life we currently live. And it is important that we also continue to evolve and use these technologies (malas) in the way that can most effectively serve us in our current time.

The malas that I create are mostly crafted with gemstones and crystal beads, and I often will incorporate a rudraksha seed or sandalwood bead to infuse the ancestral wisdom and guidance of our past, as well as to infuse the piece with the vibrational potency that they bring (sandalwood also brings its aromatherapy benefits).


We now know that everything in the universe is made of vibration. We are vibrating. Everything around us is vibrating. Crystals and gemstones are created through intense processes within the Earth that gifts us with these potent vibrational properties that can assist us in shifting our frequency (the rate at which we vibrate). The lower the vibration, the more dense something is. The higher the vibration, the more light something is (as we shift our frequency to vibrate at a higher rate, we become more enLIGHTened). The crystals and gemstones can assist us in removing blockages, densities and distortions from our field and from our chakras, bringing us into a more balanced state of being. Bringing us in harmony with the song of the universe.

meditation-malasFor this purpose, I wear all my pieces all day, every day, as well as for my mantra meditation practice. People do end up touching my malas (we are so drawn to stones, it sometimes happens without thought!), and I am sure to cleanse them often (usually with a sage smudge and conscious intention to shift the vibration of the stones).

I am in LOVE with all gemstones and crystals. To me they are like humans, in that they have their own personalities. Depending on my mood and where I am at, I will resonate with different stones at different times.

I don’t have a huge collection of pieces, as you may think. I either make myself a piece, or choose one that I have made that I cannot part with. But I wear my malas, and other gemstone jewellery until it breaks or I just cannot put it on anymore. I currently wear a mala necklace crafted from citrine, crazy lace agate, mooakite jasper, peitersite and rudraksha. I have a tiny mala bracelet with lapis lazuli and Labradorite, a tiny diffuser bracelet with lava stone, and a wire wrapped kyanite necklace that I have been wearing for the past 2 years.

The stones I am generally drawn to are Labradorite, moonstone, jaspers, rose quartz, amethyst. But every piece I create, I fall in love with.


I have always been drawn to crystals and gemstones throughout my life. As a teenager I dabbled in jewellery-making. After having my son, Etsy and Pinterest had just become popular and a friend had found a tutorial to make a wrap bracelet that turned out looking like she bought it from Etsy! During my time on maternity leave, I was re-inspired to pull out my tools, make a trip to Michaels, and get creating again! Whenever I create, it is usually because I have an idea of something in my mind that I cannot find to purchase. So I make it myself (read: lots of trial and error first!). Naturally, being a yoga teacher in love with mantra meditation and kirtan, I started playing with malas. I had a few yogi friends inquire about making custom malas and the creative flood gates poured open! Then the real magic happened when a local yoga teacher asked me to teach a mala making workshop at her retreat (she had marketed for it already with no idea how that would happen and we were introduced not long afterwards – thank you beautiful synchronicity!). I had not been making malas for that long at the time, so, being the science-loving, highly-inquisitive mind that I am, I thought that if I am going to be teaching people about malas and mantra, I wanted to know the WHYs. Turns out, the whys took me on an incredible journey into quantum physics and biology, vibration and frequency, neuroscience, biofield tuning, chakra therapy and much much more. Through this journey of exploring why, and through the process of healing, clearing old energy and re-patterning, I tapped into a sacred and intimate relationship with myself, where I have found access to the incredible power of my intuition, my deepest truths and who I am and how I can best serve.



Manifesting Alchemy in Bowmanville

Gather Market Place, 51 King Street East, Bowmanville.

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

10am – 5pm

Mala Making and Mantra Workshop!

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


To register, send e transfer to

$65 (materials included)

You are invited on a sacred journey to get to know yourself more intimately. This workshop is an in depth look into the science behind energy, mantra, intuition and vibrational healing. Explore & experience the power of whole-body, heart-based intention, mantra meditation & your intuitive voice. Experience a sage smudging ceremony to clear the energy of the space, yourself and the stones. Intuitively choose stones & an inspirational charm to create your wrist mala. Set a clear intention to infuse into your mala. Use the power of collective, focused intention through mantra to activate and charge your mala. This workshop aims to marry the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the masculine and the feminine, the information and the experience to bring balance and work towards tapping into our full potential as human beings.

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