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Homeopathic Medicine


Owned by Gina Newcomb, Birch Health Studio is a small wellness clinic nestled in the hills of Northumberland County, specializing in homeopathic medicine, and also offering services in nutritional counseling and reiki therapy.


This feature is written by Gina Newcomb.


Dealing with mental illness is a tough road; not understanding why you tend to behave in certain ways while others around you are not. Homeopathy has allowed me to understand the root of growing issues. It allows me to ask myself the right questions, just as I do with my patients.

Homeopathy was the only system of medicine that has allowed my body to heal. I had ulcerative colitis for years and had changed my diet and tried different supplements and drugs and nothing gave me permanent relief. Homeopathy allowed me to come back to full health- without having to permanently omit certain foods from my diet. Homeopathy also allowed me to begin healing from mental illness, though always a work in progress, homeopathy has allowed me to have relief from uncomfortable symptoms that are sometimes associated with growth and change.

Having such an incredible healing experience, I decided to attend 4 years of college to become a homeopath. I graduated with a diploma in Homeopathy and Health Sciences. First and second year include homeopathic study, anatomy and physiology, biology and pathophysiology (the disease process) as well as case-taking, homeopathic internship and externship patients. Third year was mostly homeopathic studies and a rigorous course on physical examination, as well as additional internship cases and externship.
Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine that uses highly diluted doses of substances to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. The use of homeopathic remedies is based on the discovery that natural substances are capable of curing the same symptoms that they can cause. By studying the symptoms that develop when a healthy person tests or ‘proves’ a remedy, homeopaths can determine which symptoms the remedy is capable of curing. This is called the Law of Similars ‘like cures like’.
A simple example of this principle can be seen with the common onion. Slicing an onion can cause symptoms of burning and watery eyes, as well as sneezing and a runny nose. Many hay fever sufferers with symptoms of burning, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose have found dramatic relief after taking homeopathic Allium cepa (the remedy made from red onion). Thus the substance that can cause symptoms can, as a remedy, also cure them.

Because Homeopathic medicine allows healing on all levels, it is possible to see results with whatever malady you present with! As a Registered Homeopath I am not able to specialize in one area, homeopaths cover it all.

* As of April 2015 homeopathy became a regulated and recognized practice in Ontario, when you visit a Registered Homeopath, you are now able to receive financial aid through your benefits provider.

Our bodies possess the innate ability for self healing. At times we may feel helpless in our life experience, and the body seems to struggle to find balance. For those of us living in the Western part of the world, especially, we seem to be disconnected from ourselves. We don’t respect our bodies, and therefore our bodies do not respect us back. 
Reiki can be a means for changing the way our bodies respond to stress. Allowing them to become more adaptable, and in turn allowing our bodies and minds to find balance. As a Reiki Master, I have had the wonderful opportunity to assist others with their healing journeys. Individuals become more grounded in themselves and are able to better accomplish challenges from daily stresses to deep rooted mental/emotional and physical illness. Reiki itself is Universal Life Force Energy. It is available to aid the Vital Force within us.


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