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Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or extremely stressed, maybe it is time to slow down?

The Gentle Way Of Hatha has yoga classes in Port Hope and Cobourg that focus on stress relief and relaxation. We also offer a variety of workshops that are focused on self-discovery (Meditation and Manifestation, A Journey Through Self-Care, Finding The Calm in the Chaos, etc).


In 2014 I wrote a blog reflecting on the last 10 years of my journey as a yoga teacher “Guru Heart Yoga.” That blog inspired me to design a new workshop “Meditation and Manifestation.” Since 2014 I have taught this workshop once a year, and each time it grows and changes a little bit.

The next meditation and manifestation workshop will be taking place in Port Hope on Saturday, January 28th from 12:30-3:30pm. The cost is $60 and includes all materials (just bring your own yoga mat).

During our afternoon together we will explore old patterns and beliefs that hold us back from believing/receiving. We will work with affirmations and vision boarding to help solidify what it is we want, need and desire in life. We will work through some simple meditation techniques, and discuss why meditation is important as part of our ability to manifest (it helps us stay grounded, let go, open up, trust and receive). We will finish our afternoon with a guided meditation and visualization to help us integrate our vision mentally, emotionally, energetically which will assist us in manifesting physically.


All of our yoga classes are gentle and beginner friendly. It is a meditative style of yoga that focuses on deep self-awareness, through pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple stretches. You will constantly be reminded to be aware of your breathing, sensations in the body, and the activity of the mind. Mindfulness is a vital part of our classes that, over time, you will discover you use off the mat as well.

Our daytime classes are in Port Hope Mondays and Thursdays, and our evening class is in Cobourg on Tuesdays. You are welcome to join at any time, as space allows.


You can learn more about me, Yoga Instructor Jenni Burke on the “About Jenni” page, or read the “Testimonials” page to learn a bit more about students class experiences. The “Yoga Schedule” page has times and prices.  View the “contact” page for email and other social media connections.

Now you tell me- what is YOUR favourite thing about yoga and/or meditation? I love to learn about others experiences, and to integrate new ideas into our classes/workshops! This is how we learn and grow together. Feel free to share your wisdom in the comment section below. Gratitude!

6 thoughts on “Yoga and Meditation in Port Hope”

  1. I’ve been practising yoga and meditation for 20 years in various forms, in-class (with Jenni and other instructors), online, outdoors, in my sun room… What draws me to yoga and meditation again and again is how it makes my body feel while quieting my mind. When the world is too loud, I can hop on my mat, light a candle, burn some sage, fill the room with the scent of a favourite essential oil. Or not. I don’t need a mat. I don’t need any of those rituals to return to my breath and stretch out my body (though those rituals can enhance my practise). To quote a favourite teacher of mine, it’s about “finding what feels good”. It’s not about finding the perfect form. I’m not into pretzel yoga. I’m into letting light into those parts of my body that get dismissed in the rigor of life. For me, it’s not about the newest trend, it’s about bringing myself closer to my truth and my experience on this planet. And feeling connected. Namaste.

    1. Wow Elayne, you summed that up perfectly! Thank you for taking the time to share too. I agree, for me, yoga and mediation brings me back to myself/truth again and again. Namaste.

  2. I love what your workshop describes and if I was free that day, I would sign up. I feel you are providing a valuable opportunity. Yoga and meditation are essential practices for me to keep my life balanced. It wasn’t until I became more consistent in my practice that I truly recognized the wide reaching benefits-physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. It has helped me cope and thrive through some major challenges in my life.

    1. Thanks Deanne! I’m sorry you’re unable to join us for workshop, but there will be lots more in the future. I can add you to my email newsletter? Sounds like you have learned to take your yoga off the mat and into your life, wonderful! Look forward to connecting in future 🙂

  3. Yoga humbles my wandering mind. Where in everyday life my thoughts may be overwhelming and I’m endlessly trying to reign them in. With yoga I can, for the most part, detach at least for the session. and if not detach then at least look with humour at how insistent my wandering mind is. Yoga is the best way I know how to disconnect and reconnect. Cut the static to clear the line. Looking forward to these classes 🙂

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