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Bliss B4 Laundry

Life. Has this amazing ability to give to us. This weekend was the perfect example of that. My original plan was to stay home and paint and prep for art show, clean, enjoy my usual solitude. I had some tentative plans but nothing solid with anyone. Then I was invited to “Bliss B4 Laundry” to be a substitute yoga teacher, and before I knew it I was packing up for a mini-retreat in the woods.


I arrived at Camp Kawartha in the dark, in the pouring rain, Friday night. I also awoke in the dark at 5:30am on Saturday morning to teach yoga. But after class, the sun was up, and I saw this view (I was lucky to share that cabin with 6 lovely women): Instant Bliss.


Basically these are women gathering to support, uplift and encourage one another to shine their Light. The business offers a variety of circles, retreats and workshops, which you can see on their website.  This weekend was a sold out retreat, and there were over 80 women together. Such a powerful experience to feel us all there fully.

I have been very fortunate to have a TON of strong, inspiring, supportive women in my life since I was born. Through out my life I have always been able to find support where and when I need it. Truly a blessing.  Not everyone is so fortunate. These circles are a healing place for women to come and be fully received as they are, for who they are. We value what each of us bring forth.

Similar to the work I’ve been doing through workshops over the last 2 years, these circles are an opportunity to press “pause.” To stop, reset, and re-assess. These opportunities can change us. They can change the whole direction of our lives. In these vulnerable moments we share our stories, share laughter and tears, and  begin to understand we are not alone. We become empowered, individually and collectively.


Although the retreat runs Friday- Sunday I was only able to stay until Saturday afternoon: but it was still blissful! I am an introverted-nature-nut so my favourite part of the visit was walking down to the lake, all bundled up, listening to the wind and watching the dark choppy waves on the water.

I found a large flat rock, and was able to lay down and watch the leaves and clouds blowing around me. Such peaceful solitude. Refreshing, re-energizing, and so needed.

Exploring the property was fun, I especially liked the outdoor showers! Well, I liked the look of them… with the mossy roof and wooden walls in the forest. I loved the outdoor stage with a huge fire pit in front of it. I can only imagine the fun kids must have here in the summer!


The dining area was fabulous; and after breakfast clean up I was admiring the view outside… when I realized there was a bird feeder out there feeding all the forest friends. There were so many squirrels, a chipmunk, blue jays and chickadees… all intermingling amongst the feeder, deck and trees.

I highly recommend exploring “Bliss B4 Laundry.” Whether it’s the full retreat or just an evening circle, if you come with an open heart and open mind, these opportunities to connect with other women will inspire and empower you.

Gratitude to Sarah and Gaby for this sacred, heart-felt, BLISS-FULL creation!

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