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Yesterday I was gifted a Reiki treatment; and during the session I had a lot of “remembering” going on. 2015 was a year I devoted to self-care. 2016 has been a year I’ve devoted to creating (art and business). 2015 felt like a year of recovery, stepping back from life, moving slowly, regaining groundedness and stability in life. 2016 has been about working hard to lay a strong foundation in the future I dream of (travel, art, yoga, business). Both years have been incredibly successful and satisfying. 2017 I hope to strive forward fully into the vision I’ve been working towards.

But yesterday, I remembered the importance of stillness. My wise soul-sister-cousin Jessica had shared her blog the day before “Ritual” and it really hit a cord in me: Remembering Ritual. Remembering the sacred.  2015 I had that all mastered. 2016 I forgot it all. Until this week. I’m remembering: To slow down, to enjoy, to relish in each moment of these creations whether it be in art, yoga or time with friends and family. I have become obsessed with striving ahead, and forgot to “just be.”

gina-sageIf you need a reset, or help finding/remembering that inner peace and stillness, I highly recommend visiting Gina of Birch Health Studio. She is a Reiki Master and homeopathic practitioner (I hope to try that next!).

Here are a few other suggestions you can try at home, at your own leisure:

  • Focus on deep breathing
  • Gazing meditation
  • Slow walk
  • Sit to watch sunset or sunrise
  • Hot epsom salt bath (with lavendar oil)
  • Try burning sage to clear energy in home
  • Yoga

Try creating your own ritual; set aside an hour to burn sage or sweet grass or incense, light a candle, set intentions or work with affirmations. Peaceful Arts in Port Hope is a lovely little shop that can help you find whatever you want or need for your personal worship.

Interested in delving deeper? If you are ready to do some soul-level-clearing, my friend Cheryl of Wisdom’s Way is fearless in walking us through our Akashic Records. She has worked with me for over a decade, and her support has been monumental in my spiritual growth.

How about hypnosis? Angela is a friend who I hope to work with in the future. Her business has had steady growth since she became certified in hypnosis. If you’re ready to break old habits and fears contact her for support!


In November I am hoping to introduce this new workshop: Finding the Calm in the Chaos.

We live in a day and age where “busy” is an understatement. Burn-out and resentment thrive in our obligations. We over-work, over-play, over-schedule, and we think “balance” is fitting it all in. We forget that even when our schedules are full of things we love, we still need down time. Our body and mind need time to stop, and reset. Maybe you vacation twice a year, and fill your “down time” with activities you love. Then you get home and feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Your body is probably shutting down and  you don’t even realize it, because you’re too busy to listen to it’s messages.

If you’re getting snappy with the people you love, aren’t finding satisfaction in things you once loved, or just need help to re-prioritize and get some inspiration in life again, this workshop is for you. If you feel bitter, resentful or just down right bad, come enjoy an afternoon with others ready to recover from burn-out.

Date and time: TBA.

So lets all start remembering to take care of ourselves, in body, mind and soul.

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