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Yoga Life 2016

Just realizing I haven’t posted a yoga blog since 2015?! Sorry about that. Perhaps no one else noticed either…

2016 has been a very busy (and to be honest, stressful) year thus far. Good news is it has been full of growth and positive new beginnings. I mean, this is my new office view:

lake buddha

So I can’t complain, right?

I have also, finally, committed to some new learning. On April 24th I’m heading to Montreal to learn about “The Yoga Code” with Jackie Dumaine.

Then on May 14th I will be getting an introduction to Somatic Therapy. This is very similar to my yoga philosophy of teaching, and am excited to have some new and expanded knowledge to share in classes!

2016 has also blessed me with some extra work as an artist. After my art show in December 2015 I decided to start a website, and ended up with a few custom orders. My “Greeted By The Chief” is now gracing the pages of a free local magazine, so if you’re in Northumberland be sure to pick up your copy of The Link.

Yoga classes and Workshops have also been keeping me busy, and continue to expand.

Overall feeling pretty pumped about life and the new directions it always seems to take me. Thank you, you many wonderful folks, for being a part of this exciting path and journey!

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