Mini Yoga Retreat | Cobourg


On Saturday, August 15th, I will be collaborating with Jenn Apple Pridham of Resilient Seed Wellness to offer the mini-yoga-retreat “Perfect Storms and Stillness.”

For those of you who participated in our yoga fundraiser in June 2014 you may remember the beautiful and inspiring location- Headwaters Farm, located north of Port Hope and Cobourg. This is an excellent destination for a mini-retreat in Northumberland, Ontario. Our day also includes a fresh lunch from the farm!

The Farm Picnic Area
The Farm Picnic Area

During this 3 hour workshop (11am-2pm) Jenn Apple Pridham will begin with a “fiery flow” of yoga sequences to help burn off the stress of our “stormy” lives.  After her active class we will enjoy a healthy lunch from the fresh farm veggies! After some food and reflection I will lead a meditative sequence that begins with yoga nidra, then we will integrate some gentle stretches, and finish with a meditation on finding our stillness in the storm, and keeping our stillness through future storms.

If you wish to register for this retreat, or have any questions, please contact Jenn at 905 375 9511, or email me (Jenni) at gentle_hatha@live.com. The cost is $60 and that includes lunch.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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