Meditation And Manifestation Part II

Latest Vision Board
Latest Vision Board

As a New Year’s Resolution activity for 2015 I ran my first Meditation and Manifestation Workshop. We held it in my home and there was little space to explore outside of our minds and workbooks.

We are half way through the year and this round of Meditation and Manifestation we have a lot more room to be creative. There will be space to lie down for meditations if that is more comfortable for people. We will also have more space to work with “vision boards” and movement.

Part II is now in the works, and will be held at the Ontario Street Theatre in Port Hope, on June 21st, 2015. It will run from 1-4pm and the cost is $50 which includes all materials (binder, handouts, and vision board necessities).

Although we will practice similar meditations as our first gathering, there will be new activities too. The 3 hours will be split into meditations, discussion, written reflection and creating our vision board.

Please direct any questions to me (Jenni) at gentle_hatha@live.com and please pre-register as soon as possible, this workshop is only 2 weeks away!

Manifesting Love

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