This Blessed Life

September Sunset
September Sunset

“May the long time sun shine upon you,

All Love surround you.

And the Pure Light within you,

Guide your way on.”

-Kundalini Yoga Prayer

Autumn brings out the creative fire in me. Something about the crisp air, strong winds and vivid sunsets breathes new life into me. It seems like my life sits at the season of death. I love the solitude of dark nights, getting lost in the depth of the stars, and my head clears and I can write.

This last month has been such a blessing. At the end of the summer I treated myself to a day spa for my 35th birthday. It literally felt like a re-birth. With it ended a long, hard summer, and the opportunity to let go of the stress of the year behind me and refocus on the new year ahead.

The whole experience inspired me, as I remembered the importance of self-care and listening to ones body. It reminded me of all the years I have been teaching workshops, and helping other refocus and create lives they love where they are nurtured and cared for.

This inspired an old idea, to offer day retreats to women that would include one specialized treatment (reflexology, aromatherapy massage or reiki/energy work), a semi-private yoga class, one hour of personal reflection time, and a light lunch. We are currently working on a plan for this small retreat which would be open to only four individuals. Suggestions for dates are welcome (November, December or January?)!

As we continue into October I am amazed at how fast this season is flying by. Everyday is a blessing, the world around me is a visual wonderland, landscape colours and skies changing moment by moment.

This life is a gift.

As for yoga classes, registration will begin for the November/December yoga session October 20th, payment due by the 31st. The meditation class has been put on hold, but if there is enough interest (email me!) a workshop can certainly be organized one Saturday.

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