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Another Summer

Last year around this same time, I had the same sort of reflective feeling. It resulted in a gratitude blog, and sharing the sense of abundance and magic that had filled my life.

My Peaceful Place
My Peaceful Place

When I reflect on all the madness that has occurred since last summer it’s almost hard to believe that only one year has passed. There is this hurricane of chaos that always creeps back into my life, once I think it has passed. It’s a pattern, and a lesson I have a hard time learning: BALANCE.


I know when I’m over doing it because my brain stops working. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you live like this? I hear a constant buzz in my ears and have no clarity of thought. A constant feeling of pressure and that there is never enough time in a day.

I know what grounds me, and I am fortunate to also understand I hold the power to redirect my life as necessary. This summer I am noticing no matter how chaotic things get, there is this fascinating thing that happens when I stop and breathe: time slows down. I close my eyes, take a few deep breathes, and there it is. Peace. In the chaos.

We have this illusion that things are out of our control. That we only need more time, more help or more money, and then we will relax. Then we will slow down, then things will be okay; but this is not true.

We need to make choices to facilitate peace in our lives, in every moment. It is a choice to work, it is a choice to raise our children, it is a choice to stay where we are or move forward in new directions.

In this time, in this country, in this world everything is at our fingertips. Not everyone has equal opportunities, not everyone has the same goals or ambitions, not everyone wants peace. But we can strive towards what we want and need in life step by step. Moment by moment. Choice by choice.

I challenge you to choose peace. Notice how your words affect those around you, how your thoughts affect your well being,  notice how you respond to others. What do you observe? What do you have to learn about yourself, your power, your life, your choices and your actions?

This life you are living, YOU have created it. Not alone, but through your environment, through your reactions to others, and perhaps their reactions to you. You are a multi-layered being that has amazing power to create your reality, if  you are able to take responsibility for it.


love collage

I have really pushed my comfort levels this month and have been challenged by my thoughts and beliefs on love.

I have learned that people don’t always want others to be happy, to be successful or stable.

I have learned there is a lot of darkness and hatred in this world. Every day people hurt each other, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. I have had to learn the art of discernment. My goal is to master this art, and whoa is it hard.

It has helped me understand the depth of responsibility I have for my own life. That unconditional love and understanding, does not justify others maliciousness.

So what is love? Please, someone tell me, as I am still learning…

7 thoughts on “Another Summer”

  1. I’ve learned that if I accept the hurtful and malicious actions of others then I am not loving myself. Then I can’t be my best self. Talking care of my needs first is not selfish. I’ve also learned that when you least expect it, someone will do something to renew your faith in humanity. In the words of Max Erhmann “Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as grass”

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