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All my blogging has been invested in promoting our June 8th “Yogi’s Unite” fundraiser, and yet I’ve been working on some other projects and connecting with other people that made me think I would like to share some blog-love.

The most obvious one to share seems to be Jenn’s blog about her journey through cancer, and reasons she is grateful for this life-altering experience.

Robert Owens is a friend and fellow yoga student who has been studying meditation since 1985. In his blogs he shares his experience and wisdom about the trials and tribulations of meditation, and why it does not have to be complicated! The link above is a blog connected to three meditations he has recorded and people can access them for free. I recommend the ‘long breath’ meditation!

This is a blog started last year with fellow yogini Jenn Apple Pridham of Resilient Seed Wellness. She became a certified teacher under my 200-hour “The Gentle Way Of Hatha” and since has expanded her healing practice to include reiki, card reading and spiritual guidance. We decided to unite in a common blog to help advertise our yoga classes in Port Hope and Cobourg. Since starting the site last year we are hoping to grow it’s roots into a directory for the Northumberland yoga community.

This is a project I did not intend to share until it was completed. I started it two years ago and am  half way through 60 journals which will ultimately be purged. The reason I decided to share it now was due to the most recent entry which was the journal I wrote in during my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Ottawa. It describes some vital experiences of meditation, travel, books and studies that show my transition to the sheer devotion of yoga.This is a decade of my life sharing the journey through life, business and growth.



If you are a blogger who would like to connect to share some blog-love please leave a comment and your link below and I will look into sharing them in future posts!



2 thoughts on “Blog Love”

  1. Hi Jenni, what a wonderful site. I also teach Hatha and my favorite part of class is teaching yoga nidra. I can feel change happening and by the end there is nothing like the glow you see in people’s eyes. My blog is if you want to check out my writing for possible sharing. Om Shanti, Mitra

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