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Time To Thrive

Since posting our last three blogs about Jenny Jackson-Hall’s post-cancer fundraiser it became apparent that people might need to know why we would need to do one at all. There are two stories here… 1)Jenny’s financial truths and 2) the reason why I felt the need to help support her through her journey.


Originally I had requested Jenny share her story for me to publish on my blog as a part of our fundraising series, however instead we decided to post it on her personal blog for me to share. Her story is raw, honest, and inspiring so please check it out HERE to get a better idea of why funds are still needed to support her and her family over the next 5 years.

Surviving Breast Cancer
Surviving Breast Cancer


No one should have to live in poverty.  I have lived in it all my life, and continue to  live pay cheque to pay cheque. With this being said, my life has never felt poor. I always feel so blessed and supported, and like I have so much to give.

I refuse to focus on lack, it serves no one. Instead I like to focus on  ideas, potential and building wealth and prosperity step by step. It is a slow process but it is working bit by bit.

Reading Jenn’s blog and the reality of people’s perspectives (a.k.a. Judgments) on how one is expected to live while battling cancer is perplexing to me.

I titled this entry “Time To Thrive” because it IS time to thrive! Jenn has beat her cancer as things stand right now, and her 5 years of hormone therapy is preventative, but not necessarily easy. She has suffered a huge loss of income. This family needs our help and support, and the goal is $6000. A small amount in comparison to the need.


If you have not read the last three blogs from our post-cancer-fundraiser-series please check them out!

Here is my list of reasons why I want to help this wonderful woman financially… and why you should too!

  1. This could be any of us. We need to help support one another through these life altering experiences.
  2. She is self employed and has no health benefits. Medical care is expensive. When my son has had a rash or cold or when I had the flu meds for simple things like this cost me a minimum of $50 and often more. Health benefits are so necessary if you have chronic or long term care and medication. I can’t even imagine having to come up with extra funds (as a self-employed mother of one, let-alone of three children!) for daily treatment.
  3. Even if she had health benefits that does not cover natural health care and alternative treatments if someone wants them. Taking the natural-healthy-healing-route can be more expensive then the medical route! Supplements to support the immune system, organic foods, and appointments with natropaths, massage therapists, etc are SO necessary in a healing process in combination with medical care. I am very passionate about this complimentary therapy and wish every person going through illness could afford it.
  4. Living is expensive regardless of disease. Rent, utilities, feeding a family, and then if you’re lucky money to do something fun. Fun is just as vital to live a joyful life. Money is a necessity and too many families live below the poverty line, add cancer to that financial strain and wow. Just wow.
  5. My grandmother died of breast cancer when she was around 37. That was a long time ago, before we had the technology we do now. However spreading awareness of the reality of cancer is important. Cancer still kills, it comes fast and hard and we need to spread awareness and support those going through this difficult process.
  6. I had a breast-cancer scare last summer (that will be followed up this summer) which brought Jenny’s experience even closer to my heart.
  7. The politics of fundraising is complicated, and it is important to me that funds being raised go to individuals in need, and not to large organizations who pour money into their multiple needs before it goes to cancer research (although I do understand their value, don’t get me wrong!).
  8. Jenny will be dealing with physical side-effects of treatment, along with a realm of other related consequences of this life changing experience. She needs to take care of herself, nurture herself, and she is going to need help doing so. THAT is why this fundraiser is taking place.


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