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Relay For Life Plus Yoga!

On March 8th I launched the idea of raising funds to support a friend through her breast-cancer journey. After talking to her more about finances on March 16th I upped the financial goal from $3000 to $6000. Since then I have come up with a strategy to reach our goal, and I’m excited to share the details as they are unfolding!

June 6th is Jenny’s birthday, and it just happens to fall on the same weekend as the Northumberland Relay For Life in Cobourg, Ontario! What divine timing! June 6, 7 and 8, 2014 we will wrap up our fundraiser with a blissful-yoga-bang!

Although we are still working on times and locations, these are some details we now know:

Friday, June 6th:

  • Tally up our funds!
  • If we’ve reached our $6000 goal I shave my head (anything less I will still cut and donate, just no exciting head-shaving to watch)!
  • All money raised goes to Jenny Jackson-Hall to support her 5 years through hormone therapy.

Saturday, June 7th:

  • Jenny Jackson-Hall will offer a ‘gratitude class’ as her thank you to the community for all our support. Donations are welcome (and encouraged by me!), but not mandatory.
  • Relay For Life at St.Mary’s High School (12 noon til midnight).

Sunday, June 8th:

  • I will offer my gentle-yoga class (up to 50 students welcome, must pre-register before June 6th for all funds to be included in final tally).
  • Jenn Apple-Pridham will lead a ‘MedMob’ that will begin with an om-circle, followed by a silent meditation, and finish with sivasana.
  • Christina Harvey-Klein will lead a flow-style yoga class. There may be other teachers and classes included soon, which I will continue to update!
  • Jenn Apple-Pridham will lead a traditional yoga class.
  • I will close with a final yoga class.


If myself, Christina and Jenn Apple-Pridham can each get 50 people to participate in our classes (with a $10 minimum donation) that will raise just under half the funds of our financial goal.

This leaves another $3000 to be raised in a two month time frame (can we raise $1500 each month?? Why not!)…

How can you help?  Sign up for one of our Sunday classes taking place on June 8th! Remember you have to pre-register so we can include the funds in our final tally on Friday, June 6th. You are also welcome to make a donation anytime, even if you can’t make it to a class! Interested in fundraising? I can give you a sponsor sheet, just email me at!

Maybe you’d like to host a bake sale or other creative event to raise funds? Donate a prize for a gift-draw? The potential is endless, and any support is greatly appreciated- even if you just hit the ‘share’ button and spread the word!

Peace to all~

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