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Upping The Ante!

WELL since talking to the lovely Jenny Jackson-Hall after our last blog post about her journey through cancer a few more details have fallen into place.

The fundraiser and head-shaving event will take place the evening of Friday, June 6th.

We are going to include 2 outdoor yoga classes, with all funds going to the family (this may take place on the Saturday or Sunday following the head-shaving on Friday). More activities may be included into the final day of the fundraiser (bake sale, t-shirt sales, etc.) in order to reach our new goal of $6000.


The original goal to shave my head was $3000. After talking to Jenn about the cost of living, the financial loss of income, and expenses of treatment (no it’s not all covered in Canada!), and having no benefits inspired me to raise the goal.

My original (and somewhat naive) thinking was ‘every little bit counts’ however what I am learning is every little bit also disappears fast.

The cost for her hormone therapy is going to be $100/month for the next 5 years totaling $6000. THIS is the new fundraising goal: to have her therapy completely covered.


We have already received our first donation (thank you Rob!) and can begin accepting them at any time. At this point we are unable to offer receipts (looking into those details!) but we will be keeping track of donations in case we are able to offer them in the future!

You can bring donations to classes, mail them, or email transfer them!

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