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Loving The Light

happy buddha spring
Buddha is happy spring is coming!

Sunday we had our time change: Spring ahead an hour! It’s only been two days and wow-wee has it made a difference in my energy level and mood.

Winter here in Ontario, Canada, has been pretty intense. More snow then usual, along with treacherous ice storms and -30 temperatures as a norm. Snow storms started blowing in early November and have hardly eased up between days, and the snow is still blowing as we come to mid-March. If it keeps going into April we will have officially had half a year of straight winter. Harsh. And that is coming from me, the crazy winter-loving-snowga-girl.

Although there is likely more snow to come, the longer days of light, the warmth of the sun coming closer, and the puddles of melting snow each day (even if they freeze again overnight), give us hope.

Seeing Buddha’s smiling face again on my patio helps too. After being buried under 2 feet of snow for the last 5 months, his peaceful stance in the midst of half-melted snow makes me happy.

Here’s to spring (my least favorite season of the year, bring it on!).

Check out the details of our spring yoga classes, and our new website Welcome To The Gentle Way Of Hatha.

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