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Facing The Ego

The First Yoga Fundraiser
The First Yoga Fundraiser

In November 2013 one of the strongest, healthiest, most inspiring women I know was diagnosed with breast cancer. From the beginning of her diagnosis she has been very open about the joys and sorrows that have accompanied her journey through cancer. Her courage and positive attitude has inspired many who have shared the intimate details she confesses on Facebook and now through her blog “The Truth Hurts” (read it). She even started Mandala Wellness on Facebook to help and inspire others on their healing journeys.

It was the day she vulnerably confessed that her biggest fear was to lose her hair, that I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of compassion for this woman whose life would never be the same. The realization that this could happen to anyone, myself included, made me very aware of how terrifying it all must be for her. Suddenly having hair held much more value then ever before, and as I cried over her confession (oh dear I’m crying again now writing this!)… I kept thinking about that powerless feeling of losing your hair… why it hit me so hard I don’t fully understand, but it made me want to shave my  head in some form of moral support. Suddenly my hair seemed really unimportant in comparison.

It is now March 2014, and the whole process has moved very fast. Jenn is now ‘cancer free’ (in my humble opinion, not the medical opinion) and she doesn’t have to do chemo (yeah!)… however her journey is really just beginning. She is currently going through daily rounds of radiation and has 5 years of hormone therapy ahead of her. She will not be able to return to full-time work, and because she has been self-employed she has no income and very little financial support. She has made it through the last few months due to the grace of her family, many friends and other supporters who have held fundraisers and made donations.


There is something terrifying, as a woman, about losing the feminine aspect of our hair. Choosing to lose your hair versus losing it due to circumstances outside of your control are two very different worlds and experiences. However, I find it fascinating that even as a choice for a good cause… I am totally attached and still scared to shave my head.

So guess what? We have set a financial goal of $3000 and if we reach that goal, I will shave my head for Jenn, donate the money to her family, and the hair to Locks Of Love.

We will keep you posted on the details that are currently in the works… how to donate, why to donate, when the event will occur (likely in June 2014), etc., etc., etc….

“May all beings be free from suffering.” -Buddhist Prayer

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