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Life Is A Roller-Coaster

Someone recently commented that my life is like a roller-coaster…. yes it is! Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns and loop-d-loops!  Always lots of change, but also lots of learning and that is what I am most passionate about. Learning and growing so I can continue to create the life of my dreams.

In the new year I started a full-time job as a yoga instructor. It was an answer to my prayers: financial stability, a sanctuary-studio, teaching yoga every day (and yoga nidra, and meditation), snowshoeing, and working with people in a supportive environment to help them find peace and rejuvenation from daily life stress. Dream job!

What I quickly discovered was that even though it was the perfect job for ‘me’ it was not supporting my life outside of work. I had restructured my life around the new job expecting the other pieces to fall into place. Instead they just never fit back in.

The business I spent a decade building was cut in half. The weekends I had with my son were cut in half. I had no time, and the only peace I had was when I was actually at work, which seems a bit backwards. I was starting to feel like I was pushing against the grain.

I missed my work as a Child and Youth Worker. So guess what? The roller-coaster continues! But it’s slowing down…

I am returning to my part-time job as a CYW and rebuilding my yoga classes once again. This means there will be more workshops and retreats in the future too!


The new yoga session begins Tuesday, March 11th. It runs for an 8 week session and costs $96. There is a 11:15am class and a 1:00pm class. For the first time in a very long time, there is room in both classes!

All classes are beginner friendly, and focus on stress-relief and relaxation.

Feeling depleted? These classes are for you. We help restore and re-balance the nervous system, clear the mind, and ease the body.

Message Jenni at if you have any questions!


4 thoughts on “Life Is A Roller-Coaster”

  1. I needed to read this today. Good for you for looking for balance that works for your whole life. I feel pulled to do more & more , but maybe teaching is supposed to remain my passion project ….for now at least. If I did it full time it would probably consume me & crowd out my own practice and my time. My challenge is to be satisfied that teaching part time , doing my classes & retreats is whole in its own way . It gets “that part” of my life. I am full time Nurse & have a family & teach Yoga. My dharma is in all of that….Hmmm gotta write more on this myself – feel an epiphany here 🙂

  2. I needed to read this today. Good for you for finding balance that works for your whole life. I want to do more & more , but I’m thinking maybe my teaching is supposed to remain my passion “side” project -at least for now. maybe it is whole just as it is. My challenge is to be satisfied with that.

    1. Oh that’s fine, I totally understand, tech is confusing sometimes! I wanted to respond sooner too; very glad that blog was what you needed, that feedback is what makes writing worth sharing 🙂 Best of luck on the journey!

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