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Welcome To The Gentle Way Of Hatha

After much thought I decided it was time to channel my focus of yoga into a new website. This WordPress website will still stay as it is, and I will continue to use it as a blog to share updates and my general ranting about yoga and life.

The purpose of the new website will be to focus on the business of The Gentle Way Of Hatha. It will be specific to my classes, publications and any future meditations or yoga videos that will be for sale (see it’s getting closer to happening!). The new site even includes my other certified teachers!

Through those teachers gentle yoga is now available in Port Hope, Cobourg, Grafton, Colborne, Brighton, and even Bewdley and Cold Springs.

This journey through business has never been dull… Guru Heart Yoga, Crescent Moon Healing Arts, Jenni Burke Yoga and finally The Gentle Way Of Hatha. It took almost 10 years for my vision to solidify into what my purpose was as a teacher: To make yoga accessible to all people. To teach yoga as an experience of presence and peace, along with some gentle stretching to keep our body strong and mobile.

Please check out the new Gentle Way Of Hatha website and let me know what you think!

Don’t forget registration has begun for the spring (yeah spring!) yoga classes in Port Hope…

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