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The Gentle Way Of Hatha | Yoga Manual

December 14, 2013
December 14, 2013

Today it officially began: The rough draft of this ‘yoga manual‘ I keep mentioning.

This draft will be hand-written notes and sketches of postures, which I will then type up and scan into a book format.

The book will include gentle postures and flows, modifications for more advanced postures, my personal theory on gentle yoga, the six movements of the spine and some reflection on the yoga philosophies (8 fold path and Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali), discussion of pranayama, and references to other books, resources and yoga  materials that have guided me on my personal path.

3 thoughts on “The Gentle Way Of Hatha | Yoga Manual”

  1. Look at – Even if you don’t use their service, you will learn much about self publishing and avoid some common pitfalls (save $’s and effort) just be reading their site.

    They are short run publishing specialists, all done over the ‘Net, minimum 25 copies, hard/soft cover…read about prices, short run jobs, publishing options, layout guides, (read before formatting your material to avoid time consuming re-formatting for publishing) and a bit about the business side of self publishing.

    Download pre-designed templates, self-publishing guide book PDF free if your ‘register’ over the ‘Net etc. If you use their templates I would assume that “hooks” you into using their process too, but I’m not sure.

    They are an old Mid-west USA cookbook publishing company that started out years ago publishing short run church group cookbooks, knitting guides, genealogy booklets, instruction manuals ya-da ya-da ya-da for everyday people and groups.

    That should be enough to keep you busy (and thinking) for a while!!…as if you weren’t busy already! Good luck…

    Peace and abundance – R. O.

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