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Reflection Of Self

Self-portraits 1996-2006
Self-portraits 1996-2006

Welcome to the dark side.

Yoga has been a gift of Light for me throughout many life challenges over the last 17 years.

Yoga has also allowed me to be a Light-giver. What does not often come forth in my public or professional life is the Darkness.

Mostly this is a part of all of us we would prefer to hide. For me it is an unconscious hiding… it’s a part of a reclusive, introverted process that helps me heal. It is a creative process, where I paint, write and nurture myself because I have given too much of myself.

I am currently preparing for an art show where I am facing this darkness, and pulling out work that I never thought I would share. As I reflect upon the pieces, and write summaries, I am reminded of, and so grateful for, my personal yoga practice.

Yoga is a reflection upon Self. Art is a reflection (and expression) of self. When we are fragmented or out of balance both can bring us back to our center, to our truth, to our peace. Both show us who we truly are.

I invite you to share my journey of Light and Dark on Sunday, December 8th from 1-4pm in Port Hope, Ontario. You can email me directly for details at or check out our website Untitled.

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