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The Gentle Way

There has been an idea for a yoga book brewing in me for years.

Although I have it clearly laid out in my brain, the purpose and intention is there, I still think… but there is SO MUCH yoga crap out there already (well, it’s not crap, but you know what I mean)… why add one more thing to the already over-saturated market?

After teaching a second Yoga Teacher Training this year, I concluded what I want to write is actually a “yoga manual” on The Gentle Way Of Hatha. A simple, comprehensive, spiral-bound book, with my own sketches of asanas, lists of benefits and emphasis on pranayama and the idea that less can be more when approached from the gentle perspective.

I truly believe yoga should be accessible to ALL. It is more then stretching, flexibility and challenging ourselves. It is acceptance, a mentality and a healing-art. Yoga is about creating balance in our lives, and taking our practice of asana off the mat and into the world through peaceful actions.

The purpose of this manual is to take traditional hatha yoga and modify it to the most basic postures and modifications right down to the breathing rhythms. There will be an emphasis on the emotions of yoga, and working that edge which can often accompany the physical postures. The manual will also include my personal reflection of the eight-fold path of yoga (philosophy) and other references to spiritual texts.

I want to bring to the surface, the often untouched and more subtle aspects of yoga in the west. The spirit and essence of yoga that can transform our lives.

So what is ‘The Gentle Way’? That will be the next post…

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2 thoughts on “The Gentle Way”

  1. Unless you already have an offer or more, I will buy the first copy off the press of your new manual. It sounds great. All you have to do is write it. I can hardly wait. I am currently reading a 1968 reprint of a compilation of Hindu Scriptures first published in 1938, the year I was born, absolutely ancient. The 1968 Introduction is a chronological history and developmental analysis of the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita that illustrate the development of the ideas that became Patanjali’s Yoga as the Gods lose their individual importance at the end of the Vedas and become the creative functions and principles that coalesce into the One. Translated and analyzed by R.C.Zaehner, religion and ethics professor at Oxford University.

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